Our 2018 magazine is now available for theatrical exhibitors in the Magazine section..

     Welcome to Orlando Eastwood Films! After launching in 2016; we aim to be Ohio's best home for indie, foreign, classics, horror, and obscure feature films. We strive to bring our audience a vast variety of entertainment from all over the globe. Founded by independent filmmaker Orlando Eastwood, he is bringing a combination of new wave indie films and going back to the old school classics. Mr. Eastwood is searching out film prints from all over the world. With contacts from Europe and Russia; Mr. Eastwood has managed to track down quality prints of such classics like Nosferatu (1922); the Jungle Book (1942); and Lady Frankenstein (1971).

     At Orlando Eastwood Films we care about our relationships with clients and consumers. Over the past year, we have started to build strong relationships with theatrical exhibitors in the United States to bring our features to the silver screen. On top of theatrical markets, we are working with streaming companies to bring our films to your favorite online viewing platforms. And for our consumers; we are working on home video releases on DVD, Blu-ray, and even going retro with limited edition runs on VHS!

     We also are open to working with international studios to bring our titles across the world for all to see. If there is any interest, swing by our International Info page and shoot us an email. And for any other indie filmmakers and studios looking to get their titles distributed; visit our contact page and shoot us an email if you have a feature length film completed.

Thank you.
Orlando Eastwood Films, LLC.